Reach & Wash System

Waterfed pole cleaning

Reach and Wash window cleaning uses a waterfed pole which is a long reaching telescopic pole which is easily extendable with a soft bristled brush attached to the end.

The brush is used to scrub the dirt of the window or surface and then the jets of water rinse the surface.

The use of water fed pole is much quicker than traditional methods, the main advantage for using poles is to be able to access and clean windows to a height of up to 72 feet from ground level.

The Reach and  Wash system also has little to no environmental impact as no harsh chemicals are required and only pure water is used and the secret to the cleaning is the water. 

The water goes through up to 5 stages of filtration to eradicate the minerals you would find in normal tap water and it is so pure the windows or surfaces can be left to dry naturally.

Using Reach and Wash avoids disturbance of borders and landscaping. Guttering is no longer at risk of damage by ladders.  This also enables conservatory roofs and atriums to be safely cleaned.

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Benefits of a Reach & Wash System: